Excerpt from Resigning Teacher

This brought tears to my eyes.


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…These were my stated reasons for leaving. What I never said was that I was having a hard time maintaining my optimism around children, that instead of feeling hope when looking into their eager faces, I felt despair at how much we’ve failed them and how little of everything we were leaving for them—how little of the earth, how little joy, how little justice, how little of the things I was telling them every day the world was about. Maybe because I didn’t have any young children of my own, my body rejected a biological imperative to believe in the inevitability of their survival….

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  1. You’re right, that’s so sad. Why are all the parents who are responsible for the mess the World is in, not fighting to get back some kind of future for their children and those still to come? Why is someone being voted in who will make an even bigger mess with mining, fracking and oil exploration as well as dropping the agreements made over global warming?

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