Rachel Maddow: “Our new president will flat out lie to us.”

Rachel Maddow opens by encouraging everyone to read the January 6th
report from U.S intelligence agencies regarding Russian intrusion on the
U.S. elections.

What follows is fascinating because it looks as if Maddow is in shock
as she considers Trump’s response and comprehends that Trump will lie
even when he knows that we can read the truth.

It’s the kind of shock that anyone who has ever dealt with a pathological narcissist understands.

“Our new president will flat out lie to us.” Maddow added, “He put out a written statement about what he learned in the briefing. And he blatantly, and overtly, bluntly, simply lied about what is in this report. Right before this report got publicly released so we could check ourselves and see that he was lying.”  The Liberal Plug

The primitive nature of the narcissist’s dishonesty and his utter lack of conscience is incomprehensible to the civilized mind.

For Reference, here is a link to the declassified intelligence report. Click the

Screenshot of thr cover page of the CIA report on hacking.
Given what we know of the Russian Hack of the election we need to understand information as a weapon.










12 thoughts on “Rachel Maddow: “Our new president will flat out lie to us.”

  1. Dear Rob,

    His penchant for lying is a character flaw which he has, is and will continue to practice. Why do you think that he frequently disparages the news media and the intelligence community? This is so he can protect himself as he is called out for his lies by both institutions.

    But unfortunately, DT is not living in Russia. He will learn that he cannot kill off his critics and thus, it does not pay to antagonized by both institutions.

    Hugs, Gronda

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  2. This has been part of his modus operandi his entire career. His five biographers and ghost writer on “The Art of the Deal,” said he treats the truth as a commodity, only using it when it benefits him. Thomas Wells, an attorney who worked for him for years, said Trump lies all the time and thinks nothing of it. He would also constantly stiff people under the guise of bad service, but he did it routinely.

    Think about how he makes most of his money – selling his name to developers he has little to do with, so they can charge more to unwitting buyers. Many do this, but this is his business, so it gives the illusion he is involved. Call me crazy, but this is misrepresentation. By the way, he settled a case for $25 million for misrepresentation by Trump University, alluding he hand picked the faculty and the education would be terrific.

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    1. Given what we know, it seems reasonable to delay the inauguration in order to investigate the impact of these hacks on the 2016 election. Why can’t we take what now appears to be a reasonable act of self protection?


  3. He has done this time and time again. I think Rachel knows this, but I understand being a type of surprised each time. You know he does it but it is just so beyond belief, logic, and reality that when it happens again it is a total wtf? I’ve been on the receiving end of malignant personality disorders myself, which is why I understand the incredulousness. Yes, folks, the P(E)OTUS will continue to lie, to rewrite history, all in the face of huge amounts of evidence to the contrary. Apparently he shares the delusions with enough people to win the Electoral College. God help us, we got what we deserved for giving this person even 15 minutes of fame, let alone a shot at the highest office in our land. Millions of people support him, there’s no getting around that mass mental illness.

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    1. We’re paying the price for not taking the Russian threat to our national security seriously. Our media reported as early as 2014 that Russian propaganda was in use to manipulate our political debate but no one seemed to care. Even as the GOP used Russian Propaganda techniques in what were supposed to be political ads the threat to national security was dismissed as merely ‘fake news’.

      Russian Propaganda is not ‘fake’ news.

      It’s the use of false information as a psychological weapon.

      It isn’t surprising that Trump’s supporters behave like cult members.

      Putin targeted the most alienated and least educated populations in our country for his propaganda.

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  4. I’m not as shocked at Trumps laissez faire attitude as I am that the American people aren’t going crazy over this. We know what it would be like if all this was revealed to a President Elect Hillary Clinton. I’ve told you before that I’m petrified at what’s happening to our country.

    I can’t determine whether his followers truly believe that all this has happened, or are they simply refusing to give in to buyer’s remorse so soon.

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  5. Disinformation and cracking each others computer systems has been a game long played by all Western intel agencies since the days of code cracking following WWII. There should be no shock or surprise that the Russians do it too and that they managed to crack the US systems…..it’s expected. If there’s going to be outrage about it then the West should stop doing it too.
    Having said that, there should be plenty of surprise that the President Elect should try to deny anything important happened and that it had any effect on the election results. He might want to downplay he won by fair means or foul but he should be acknowledging that hacked systems want to be upgraded with security. I personally don’t think he has the intelligence to understand the problems. I’m not sure he even understands the damage he’s doing to The Office of Prez with his current appointments. He’s happy enough playing with Twitter so at least he can’t be hacked. Just for heaven’s sake don’t give him any buttons to play with after 20th.

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    1. Actually, it looks as if the U.S. was taken by surprise. This is a problem that the United States brought on itself. By not holding the Bush Administration Accountable for the Invasion of Iraq and by not holding dishonest media like Fox News accountable we lost moral credibility.

      But this is more of an attack on an idea than a nation.

      I think the idea of democracy is worth fighting for.

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