This is a recording of my first public reading.

Stephanie is the story of an African-American trans-woman
who falls in love with a white sailor in the late 1960’s.

Stephanie is womanly so the sailor is shocked when Stephanie
explains that her birth name is Stephen; the young sailor searches
his soul and decides he’ll pay for a sex change.

This recording is my performance of Stephanie’s story of her transition.

There is no hard copy of Stephanie.

After the reading, I decided I hated the monologue, and destroyed it.

Written and performed by Rob Goldstein
(c) Rob Goldstein 1984- 2016 all rights reserved





We Hear He is A Wonderful Wiz…

The last one groped will see the other four groped before her!

Variations on a Theme

I’m on a short break from therapy.

It’s hard to question your motives and beliefs twice a week, every week.

I used last week’s rain as a reason not to go.

There are times when I want to know what it feels like just to live.

That’s not the way it’s going to be for me, not yet— I can feel
my mind split open in preparation for this afternoon’s session.

When I feel low I distract myself with humor and wordplay.

I’m a big fan of Mystery Science Theater 3000 because of the wordplay.

New episodes of MST3K are in production and headed for Netflix this year.

For people who don’t know the show here’s a sample:


A conversation about astrology yesterday led to thoughts of the Firesign Theater so I ran a search for them on the Internet Archives.

If you’re feeling down I offer this story of ‘Genesis’ as told by the Firesign Theater.

It is an excerpt from “I Think We’re all Bozos on this Bus.”

Before the beginning, there was this turtle. And the turtle was alone. And he looked around, and he saw his neighbor, which was his mother. And he lay down on top of his neighbor, and behold! she bore him in tears an oak tree, which grew all day and then fell over — like a bridge. And lo! under the bridge there came a catfish. And he was very big. And he was walking. And he was the biggest he had seen. And so were the fiery balls of this fish, one of which is the sun, and the other, they called the moon.

Firesign Theatre



Sean Hannity Endorses Make Russia Great Again Teamwork!

At first I thought the tweet was a fake. I’m skeptical, especially when it comes to people about whom I want to think the worst.

Tweet from Sean Hannity saying Amen to Make Russia Great Again
I thought this tweet was a fake until I read Hannity’s Apology

Then I read Sean Hannity’s apology in the Hill:

Hannity deletes ‘Make Russia Great Again’ endorsement

Fox News host Sean Hannity said Sunday that his positive retweet of a message that said “Make Russia Great Again” was a mistake.

Hannity originally wrote “Amen!!” with a link to a tweet that said, “YES! All Americans must join together to MAKE RUSSIA GREAT AGAIN. Teamwork!!”

Teamwork eh?

October 25th 2016 - Sean Hannity
October 25th 2016 – Sean Hannity – TeamWork


Screnshot of Sara Palin, Sean Hannity and Julian Assange as they work to discredit their government


Putin Tells America to Lose with Dignity.