Art by Rob Goldstein

Harold Norse and Rob Goldstein: The Jewish Community Center, 1986

In 1986 I had theatrical monologue named Bobby
in local production.

I didn’t know then that Bobby is a dissociative  alternate.

I recall when I performed sections of the monologue Bobby took
over but I considered it getting in character.

In 1986, I gave a joint reading with Harold Norse at the San Francisco Jewish Community Center in San Francisco.

The reading was Harold’s way of validating my work as a student.

That night Harold had a touch of laryngitis.

He brought a tape of his reading his translations of Gioachino Belli and
used it when his  voice tired.

That part of Harold’s taped reading of Belli and my performance of
section seven of  ‘Bobby’ are in this post.

I’ve also included my opening which was a reading from OttoKernberg’s Borderline Conditions  and Pathological Narcissism.

I used to illustrate  the way the academic language of psychiatry targets gay

To provide context, in 1986 being a gay identified writer was a radical act, more so because  the AIDS epidemic had caused a backlash that had not peaked.

Harold Norse reads from his translations of Gioachino Belli

Rob Goldstein reads from Otto Kernberg’s Borderline Conditions and Pathological Narcissism.

Rob Goldstein reads section seven of Bobby, The Summerville Lights

A scan of the slyer and announcement for a 1986 joint reading of Harold Norse and Rob Goldstein

Rob Goldstein 1986-2016 (c) Rob Goldstein 2016 All Rights Reserved



19 thoughts on “Harold Norse and Rob Goldstein: The Jewish Community Center, 1986

  1. You know I lived in Charleston but I never heard of the Summerville lights.
    I really liked listening to these. I Love the “sometimes I like to mess around with boys, just to remind myself of the unpleasantness.”

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    1. I have the memories because I’m the so-called ‘alternate’ who made the tapes.

      I remember all of this. I enjoyed this performance because I had learned how to work the audience.

      It’s interesting that I didn’t know that ‘Stephanie’ is a true story.

      I announced it as a new piece but I was desperate for something funny to close with and ‘Stephanie’ popped out.

      Bobby took over and repeated the story of ‘Stephanie’ just as he had heard it from the real Stephanie.

      At the time I thought I had slipped into Bobby’s character because I was
      drafting a performance piece named ‘Bobby’.

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  2. Fascinating info in the links here, Robert. And once again…your delivery was masterful in those tapes. I didn’t know of Norse, or even Belli, but I surely knew of the ghost stories from Summerville, we attended some Halloween traditional events that involved storytelling. 💝

    Liked by 1 person

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