Rachel Maddow: “What is going on with our FBI?

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    1. A new piece of evidence emerges almost daily to confirm what most decent Americans already feel in their bones: that Trump is an illegitimate President who colluded with an enemy nation in a covert operation to subvert American Democracy.

      Given the serious nature of these allegations any honorable man would do what is best for the country which is to provide evidence that the charges are not true and to perhaps call for a delay in the transition of power so that he can enter office without the divisive suspicions that now enshroud his presidency.

      The fact that Trump aggressively stifles all criticism and refuses to meet even the basic standards of ethical decency that we expect of our Presidents should be enough for Americans to demand the Supreme Court step in to enforce a temporary stay on the transfer of power. This is supposed to be a government of, by and for the people. The people have the right to know if their President is working for a foreign government. Under these circumstances I don’t see how a transfer of power is in the best interest if the people of the United States.

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  1. Dear Rob,

    Good Question. The mi6 agent, Mr. Steele is a legit guy who was doing op-positional research on DT. When he figured out the seriousness of the data he was collecting from various sources, he forwarded his 35 pages of date to an old FBI contact.

    Mr. Steele kept fu with the FBI but became worried when nothing was happening. So, he contacted Senator McCain. Senator McCain sent an emissary to London to check this guy out who turns out to be the real deal. Then Senator McCain sets up a tete- a- tete with the FBI Director Comey.

    Reading between the lines, Director Comey may not have been taking the vetting of Mr. Steele’s material, seriously. But he then does the vetting.

    It is typical of any spook that the info they collect is only as good as their sources. Some of the info will be false leads but some will bring forth fruit.

    Eventually, the 35 pages was condensed down to 2 pages. This 2 page
    append-um was added to a recent presidential daily briefing book which was shared the the president. the VP, the president-elect and 8 select US House reps. However, it was not the 2 page dossier but the 35 pages of memos that were leaked to BuzzFeed, CNN and other outlets.

    While a lot of the data contained within the 35 pages are not true, some are. Whatever was in the 2 page append-um is what would have been vetted. This is what FBI Director Comey shared with DT

    Then this Friday, 1/13, the dems had a meeting with Director Comey which blew up when he wouldn’t give them a straight answer as to why they were never informed that the DNC was hacked by Russian agents when he knew this for months before they figured this out.

    It is an excellent question. What on earth is going with this FBI? Hopefully with the justice dept IG investigation, we will find out the rest of the story.

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    1. My problem is this: we can’t give Putin his prize. If Trump becomes President the United States will become an unstable and repressive regime under the control of an illegitimate President. This is not just about our government. This is about protecting global democracy. We can’t let this happen.

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      1. Dear Rob,

        Have faith. President Putin’s puppet DT, will make a mess of things. I am worried that he will not last long enough until the next election. Mike Pence would be more effective in pushing through the republicans’ wish list.

        Hugs, Gronda

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