Portrait of my Sister based on a webcam shot. 2015
Portrait of my Sister based on a 2015 webcam shot.

I waited thirty years for us

to put end to our search

for the family we

never had.

You wanted happy endings

The right thing done.

The insight that never came.

Our bond so deep, so fragile.

We waited too long my Sister.

And now, I shall never know

Rob Goldstein 2016

34 thoughts on “Eulogy

  1. Dear Rob. There are no words I can give you though I wish so dearly I could just step over the line from this world to yours and give you a big hug because that’s the only way you would really know how I felt – words cannot describe the kind of pain you must be feeling – please know you are loved and cared about. Always.

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  2. This is beautiful and so sad. Rob, I believe you knew each other better than anyone else could, in many ways. It may have seemed fragile but I think that means you were both careful with that bond. You’re a part of each other as only brother and sister can be.

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