Photograph of Sandra Sarah Goldstein - Dunaway on a 2016 fishing trip. She is laughing and showing off her catch

‘Holiday’ for Sandy


I’ve spent the week quietly grieving the death of
a treasured sister I didn’t know.

I worried we’d died before resolving the pain that
made us run from each other.

I don’t know how to manage my illness and the pain of this grief.

So tomorrow, I begin intensive outpatient treatment at Kaiser.

I’ll blog about the experience as my concentration returns.

To my friends on WordPress and other social media, thank you for
your words of support: I treasure them.

To Sandy’s loved ones on Facebook, In Richmond Virginia
and elsewhere I offer this slide show made from the handful of
selfies and faded snapshots gathered from her collection.

I will revise this video as I find higher resolution photos.

I set it to ‘Holiday’ by the Bee Gees.

It was one of her favorite songs.

Sandra Sarah Goldstein – Dunaway;

I miss you.


Robert Oliver Goldstein, January 29, 2017

Robert Oliver Goldstein, January 29, 2017

“Holiday” by the Bee Gees

37 thoughts on “‘Holiday’ for Sandy

    1. Thank you Joey. This is the first genuinely ‘good’ day I’ve had since her death. I was not prepared for it nor was I prepared for the sense of loss I feel. I suppose that’s the way it is when siblings lose each other. I experienced so much death but I never expected the loss of my baby Sister. This one is hard. Thanks for being here…:)

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  1. I so recently started a similar path for my older sister – my heart goes out to you with empathy and compassion. Hold to the good, release any pain. Thinking of you.

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  2. I am so sorry for your loss, Robert! Even though I am not able to feel your whole pain but what comes over through your post says a lot. Feel strongly embraced, dear friend 💖

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  3. What a magnetic smile! I see the resemblance between you two. I hope you had some moments of comfort since you left on Saturday. I’m glad you’re starting intensive treatment. Thinking of you and wishing you a safe journey back, Rob. :).

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    1. That’s a great shot of my Sister. I’m glad I have it. Structured settings staffed by people who can distinguish the symptomatic from the normal is always a good idea is one has an illness that alters one’s sense of reality.

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