Please don’t, Please do.

from Bipolar Whispers

Bipolar Whispers

Please don’t underestimate me because of my illness.

Please don’t Judge me because of my illness.

Please don’t feel threatened by me because of my illness.

Please don’t leave me out because of my illness.

Please don’t forget the good times when the bad times of my illness rear its ugly head.

Please don’t confuse my indifference about activities with me not actually wanting to do them.

Please don’t use the name of my illness`as an adjective.

Please do stand by me when I need you.

Please do remember the good times.

Please do remember that I want to be better, I do not choose to be sick.

Please do have patience with me, because often I do not have any patience for myself.


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T -Minus#

from Sheldon Kleeman

Sheldon Kleeman



Doesn’t mean quite


Doesn’t mean peace of mind

I am climbing but I have


I’ve tested positive for “TB”


Now from what I understand

It’s complicated cause of

My psoriasis

More tests and a lot of patience

I just don’t know yet

it’s treatable,and it sucks

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