Along The Way

from Nurse Kelly

Nurse Kelly


They were going to the pool; she was wearing her bathing suit, no socks, and sneakers.




“For what?”

“You remembered my name!”

Molly’s grandfather chuckled and then grew quiet. He focused on the breeze blowing across the top of his head in his ‘65 Ford Mustang convertible.

“Can you sing louder, Molly?”

She shook her head.

“Why not?”

“Because it’s weird singing to one person.”

“You want to be a whatchamacallit and you’re shy?”

“A songwriter, Grandpa.”

“Well. I know you like to write,” he was thrilled over recalling how she loved to scribble in that little notepad she kept in her pocket. “So sing.”

Molly looked over at him, smiling. She reached for the knob on the radio to turn the volume up. “It has to be loud,” she explained.


They drove on. It was getting darker. Molly reminded her grandpa to turn the headlights on. A…

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