Women, Their Bodies, Wrinkles And Scars…

from A Momma’s View​

A Momma's View

We all know how much most of us struggle with parts of our bodies. There are wrinkles, weight gain, stretch marks, cellulite and pimples that need to be fought. Or at least we think so.

For years now the beauty industry has done an amazing job telling us women that we need to keep looking like a 20 year old. That wrinkles, stretch marks and all the other nice little come-alongs are pure evil.

Never do we hear that they tell a story. Never to we get to hear that they are part of us and that life can be totally fine with them. Never are we assured that men will love us and find us attractive even with all those little lines. Yes, it happens! More than you think! Because men are not as superficial either. At least most of them. They see us too. The true us. Not…

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