Gone but Never Forgotten

Sad news from Life of an El Paso WOman

Life of an El Paso Woman

Hi everyone. This is a short butvery hard blog post to write. I just got news last night fromJohnna Stahl’s family. If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you’ll know me andJohnna from All Things Chronic/Pain Kills were friends. I had the pleasure of meeting her in Albuquerque last July. In the last couple of months, me and other bloggers tried reaching out to Johnna to no avail. Johnna’s sister fromHouston found my blog and contacted me. She emailed me to tell me Johnna passed away. At this time, I don’t know when she passed awayor what happened. I will let you knowany other details when they become available. A lot of emotions are going through me at this time. The blogging community has lost an amazing person. Johnna was a great friend to me and so many others here. I will never forget her or her friendship…

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