Does Smearing British Intelligence Make Your Family More Safe?

Look at it. It’s absurd. The President of the United States is an uncouth idiot.


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Mama told me not to come

from musingsofanoldfart


Three Dog Night had so many great songs, but when they sang Randy Newman’s song “Mama told me not to come,” they struck a nerve with many. As teens, we wanted to listen less to our parents and more to our friends.

Even when our friends may be leading us down a perilous path, we will continue onward. Even when Mama told us that the path may be fraught with perils, we knew better and we ventured onward. The Three Dog Night song speaks to the realization by our teen selves that walking down that path or, in this case, going to an ill-advised party may have been a mistake. Not wanting to listen to Mama did not make her opinion less valid.

Why am I thinking of this song? I am trying  to put myself in the heads of people who voted for our President as they begin to…

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Who am I?

from Shattered in Him

Shattered in Him

I am:

  • The unclean leper, desperate for contact and love. (Mark 1:40-42)
  • The woman at the well, desperate for my heart to be spoken to. (John 4:4-42)
  • The blind man, desperate for the curse to be lifted. (John 9:1-41)
  • Peter who denied Him, desperate for His presence. (Luke 22:55-62)
  • The man in the synagogue, plagued by unclean spirits, desperate for freedom. (Luke 4:33-36)
  • The adulteressabout to be stoned to death, desperate for forgiveness. (John 8:3-11)
  • Lazarus, desperate for life after death. (John 11:1-14)
  • The man who was paralyzed, desperate to be moved. (Acts 9:33)
  • The woman reaching for His garment, desperate to be made well. (Mark 5:28)
  • The barren woman, weeping and desperate for new life. (1 Samuel 1:10)
  • The thief…

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