Having your name in the same story with ‘FBI Investigates’ is bad

Cartoon of an elephant with Trump seated on it. Trump is tossing a bomb and the elephant wears a saddle that reads the GOP: party of John Wilkes Booth

Had Trump not won the White House the gravity of the attack against the United States might have gone unexposed. Surely the Kremlin plan was to discredit a Clinton Presidency as soon as she entered office.

The compromised House GOP who openly refuses to investigate Trump would be calling for impeachment.

You can be damned sure these ruthless GOP partisans would block a Clinton SCOTUS nominee and launch another disinformation campaign to rationalize it:

We are about to expose a shockingly open international conspiracy to destroy the NATO Alliance.

The FBI is investigating the Trump Administration for collusion with the Russian government.; a conspiracy of ruthless oligarchs who brazenly spit in the face of Democracy.

As the GOP said about Hillary and her email in 2016: “Having your name in the same story with “FBI Investigates” is bad!”