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I have been ruminating lately on our situation regarding aspects of Russian interference (active measures) and the new President of the United States. In previous posts I have delved into the Wilderness of Mirrors of counterintelligence that we find ourselves in today as well as some other musings on motives that the Russians and the President (and his minions) may have in relation to their actions. Today though, on the morning of the big Comey interview in congress, I would like to cover the fabricator. By fabricator I mean the intelligence term and not the guy who makes something on the line at the local plant. A fabricator in the parlance of spies means someone who lies, creates stories, and half truths in order to deceive in order to mislead intelligence operations. More to the point, I would like to submit that in the goings on today you will…

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9 thoughts on “Fabricator

    1. I’ve been immersed in the Gorsuch Hearings and the ACA debate these past two days. I cannot fathom congressional leaders who continue to with business as usual after learning that the President of the United States is under investigation for treason.


      1. My favorite film is Night Watch. It spells out an easy to understand definition of free will.

        Good and evil are always at war and each of us must decide whose army we will join.

        For every ten people who celebrate gay marriage three are four doing what they can to erode the law.

        For every hundred people who consider slavery barbaric ten who think it’s a right.

        We NEVER defeat fascism.

        But we can stop it when it catches us off guard.

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