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Celebrity & The Reality of Depression

Depression is a common mental disorder
that affects people of all ages,
from all walks of life and in every nation.
– WHO, World Health Day spotlights Depression


The worst part of being depressed isn’t the numbness, it’s the lies that depression makes you tell yourself. It tells you that your best friend on earth hates you. It tells you that if you were to confide in someone that they wouldn’t care. It tells you that you are the biggest disgrace to ever walk the face of the planet. You might reject these lies for a while but eventually you start to believe them. You start to push people away because you don’t want to be a burden. – Depression by Suzanne Davidson, 2016 Mental Health Week

At its worse, living with depression is suicidal.


from 1994, Tupac
with Pain


April 7, 2017 World Health Day spotlights Depression. 

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