A Handful of Sand

from The Bag Lady

The Bag Lady

He wanted to be clear. As he watched the waves bringing in the sand and shells, then retrieving them in a constant repetitive motion, his mind thought of their relationship. He needed to tell her that he could not do it. He couldn’t sacrifice everything he’s worked for, his family, his lifestyle, even for her. Whoever said love conquers all was mistaken. Not even the love he felt for her, the compassion, the longing, want, need — none of these combined could win. He had been trying for a long time, it seemed, to ultimately be down to this. It wasn’t only a matter of giving up, even though that would be an uneasy performance in its own way. It was impossible. So much for that old saying, too. Who were these people, making statements that inevitably prove untrue? Is it so unrealistic to believe them, count on them…

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