Myself by triggers

from I write DID

I write DID

My triggers have never been understood, as these are a result of having and experiencing completely no identity. It’s hard to explain, but this is what it feels, after triggers. Triggers are entering open wounds. No, the entire self is the open wound.

Many people write after child abuse. Being healed. Being recovered. Having found the strength. Of course we like to hear that, like to read about that. And those who can must be stronger.

“You are a wonderful person when you overcome trauma.”

“How strong you are, after sexual abuse”

But that is not reality for many people after childhood trauma, whatever they would like…

Reality deeply hurts. Reality is bad. Reality is, like you died.

Reality is, you can’t explain right…

Reality is,  you struggle every day, not getting further, only hoping it does not get worse. 

That’s why I show in a short text:

After triggers…


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