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Who Profits from Child Abuse?

Warning: potentially triggering.

Anger is a powerful and potentially cleansing emotion.

Anger wants to know why,  but the the truth is often too terrible.

The rape of a child is a moral offense so grave that it corrupts everyone involved, including the child, who must distort his perceptions of reality to normalize an assault on his soul.

A crime of this magnitude always has witnesses and enablers.

Imagine trying to comprehend the enablers of your abuse with a
toddler’s mind.

This is from Think Progress:

“Robert H. Richards IV does not work. He doesn’t have to. The great-grandson of Irénée du Pont, the chemical magnate who provided much of the financial backing to a failed effort to defeat Franklin Delano Roosevelt during the 1930s, Richards lives off a trust fund in a 5,800 square foot mansion he bought for $1.8 million. When he is not staying in his mansion, he might be found in his beach home “in the exclusive North Shores neighborhood near Rehoboth Beach.”

Richards is also a child rapist.

In 2005, Richards started sexually abusing his three year-old daughter.

“The abuse ended two years later when the girl told her grandmother that she didn’t want “my daddy touching me anymore.”

When Richards’ former wife confronted him about this abuse, Richards admitted to doing so but claimed “it was an accident and he would never do it again.”

And yet, Robert Richards, who raped his own child and then told her not to tell anyone so that it could be “our little secret,” will likely not spend a day in prison.

….the maximum sentence for fourth-degree rape is 15 years in prison, the prosecution recommended that Richards only receive probation. And Judge Jan, in her sentencing order, said Richards “will not fare well” if he is sentenced to prison.”

Our legal system now favors property over life and human rights.

Imagine you are three feet tall; you weigh 25 pounds.

A adult male holds you down and impales you on his penis..

When an adult male rapes a toddler the brain interprets
the pain of penetration as a deathblow.

How could no one have known?

How many people were in on the “little secret” and did nothing?

And if this can happen to a child of privilege, what’s happening to
children in homeless’ shelters
and trump’s detention centers?

Who profits from child abuse?

Photograph of an advertisement for the San Francisco Food Bank at the Haight and Fillmore muni stop in San Francisco
Who profits from Childhood hunger?


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50 thoughts on “Who Profits from Child Abuse?

  1. Hey Rob,

    You are an unwavering Warrior of Light and Love will always walk beside the gallant and the brave and grant you endless strength, fortitude and courage to be triumphant in achieving a most noble and worthwhile cause. Never lose Faith or the Fire in your Heart, together they are the most powerful weapons at one’s disposal. Whilst I have never met you, somehow I know you to be a good man, a great man, a man of immense stature and virtuous conviction and you will prevail in helping change the lives of many. You have my total admiration and deepest respect.

    God Bless you always.


    DN – 12/09/2015

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      1. It’s a pleasure to have ‘met’ you Robert, and really, the gratitude is all mine, thank you.

        Take care big fella, ‘live long and prosper’ 🙂


        DN – 13/09/2015

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  2. I cannot even begin to explain my disgust for people who look at children with lustful eyes! What do they benefit by doing this to little children? A few moments of pleasure that can murder the soul of the child!!

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    1. It’s an extremely selfish thing to do. Nothing justifies it. If it’s a sickness than it’s one that truly causes people to behave like monsters and one that we need to protect ourselves from because the damage is lifelong. Pedophiles condemn their victims to a lifetime of damage and shame.

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  3. Reblogged this on A Momma's View and commented:

    Isn’t it crazy that the abused children get a “life sentence” and the abuser walk free, get to abuse over and over again and will live a happy life? Drives me nuts! Yes, I wonder too who profits from their abuse?…

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    1. The same people that profit from using our children in wars of choice also profit from the lie that we don’t have the resources to feed and educate our children. We are in the grip of a terrible evil and have been for a long time. It would be so easy if morality was as simple as curbing one’s sexuality. But real morality requires sacrifice for the common good, which means participating in the political process, demanding that our media provide us with real coverage of the issues, and that media outlets that are nothing but propaganda outlets advertise themselves as such. It also means paying into a common fund to educate, feed and house all of our nation’s children. Anyone who doesn’t understand basic civic responsibility is part of the problem…that’s just my opinion.

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      1. Well..as much as I want to do the eye for an eye thing…I suppose a prison wishing him a prison sentence of endless rapes and beatings brings me down to his level. As much as I hate these sick conniving bastards, I can’t wish that kind of hell on anyone.

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  4. I read this post today and so appropriate it should be posted on World Suicide prevention Day…..what you write about so eloquently is a world wide problem of the rich being given advantage when their crimes are as horrific as any other of this nature. We need to see them as such and deal with them as we would would any other perpetrator for children bare the scars of abuse all their lives.

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    1. Thank you for your agreement. Please feel free to share it where-ever you please. The only way we can get anything done is as a community of adults who are willing to say ‘playtime is over’ and nothing is more important than the lives of children who are on this Earth now and need us to get our priorities straight.

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      1. Thank you. A friend of mine is launching her memoir of her own childhood abuse in the next week. It has been part of her healing process and today she is training to become a Darkness to Light facilitator. She is the most courageous woman I know.


      2. That’s wonderful. Let’s create a chorus of voices. Let’s do what we can to spare today’s children from lives filled with pain and false limitations.


  5. You write so profoundly and with such perfectly expressed outrage. Crimes against children are heinous, and we as a culture/world have looked away for centuries. The powerful prey upon the defenseless and crush souls, and somehow that is a lesser offense than stealing a man’s wallet. Priorities are upside down and backwards, values are twisted in a society where money speaks louder than empathy. You are right, Robert, that more people need to speak… to roar…to break down the walls of silence and put our priorities to shame.

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    1. Thank you for reading the post and leaving a comment. The hardest abuses to fathom are the institutional abuses. Our children are completely helpless inasmuch as they have absolutely no power to make changes for themselves. They can’t vote, their bodies and minds are not yet complete; what we thinking as a people when we wealthy corporate congressmen cut funds for school nutritional programs, because those programs, even when successful, don’t comport with an extremist economic dogma that is little more than a callous expression of social Darwinism.

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  6. I often wonder if the remedies are part of the problem. No real sense of trying to help but the system that makes a lot of money while the kind of restitution misses the mark. That is the healing part of it. From court costs, to supervision. The cost of monitoring and all that, but where is mine and others sense that we can confront the offender with the end game trying to find some peace.

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      1. And the problem is we do not screen children and adults. Both would help prevent abuse and we also separate both parties so they cannot heal. To figure out why myself and others feel helpless and jaded.

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  7. I believe that those of us who survived these things need to form a psychic barrier between perps and their prey.

    Every time we remove a finger from the moral “mute” button
    and speak out, we make it that much harder for the abusers to get away with saying. “It was an accident, I’ll never do it again.”

    Every American should be outraged by the shameless double standard of our legal system.

    What was done to us and to this little girl is indefensible.

    And people who think we should shut-up about it are part
    of the problem.

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  8. Having been drugged, kidnapped, and torn from stem to stern in a vicious rape at age sixteen, a virgin, requiring two surgeries to reconstruct the damage….I cannot imagine the dual agony of a little baby girl (or boy) being shredded by the man s/he is supposed to, and has always, trusted the most–her father. Judging by the extent of dissociation that has followed me for 45 years, I think of these poor babies and their need to fragment themselves in order to survive. I rely on my service dog to guard me at night so that I will not sleep with my eyes open more than three times a week or bolt out of my ridiculously drugged sleep and find myself in the act of climbing out a window. (PS–that rape was the trigger that propelled me out of my verbally and emotionally abusive home, which landed me on the streets, where I experienced survival prostitution, homelessness, and countless more rapes. Fun, huh?)

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