The Status of the Past

The Status of The Past

A friend once told me that the painting of the Last Supper took decades to finish.

My friend said that the model used for Judas was the same model used by da Vinci for the face of Christ when the painting began.

The idea that the condition of the soul emerges as the body ages horrified and fascinated me.

I was 16, and spent hours comparing the pained compassion in the face of Christ to the cynical corruption in the face of Judas.

At the same time, the Picture of Dorian Grey caught my attention.

I read and re-read the novel until I was sure that I understood Dorian’s sin.

Dorian had innocently made a choice that lead to spiritual destruction and the hell of a lifetime of compulsive self alienation.

I concluded that innocence and guilt are twins, and that there is no such thing as perfect beauty.

These are my thoughts as I brush out my hair and check my face for the status of the past.

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15 thoughts on “The Status of the Past

  1. I love how on the outside we can seem mundane (brushing your hair) while inside we can be deep in thought and existentialist observation. I wanted to ask you if this is your artwork 🙂

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      1. every human has every quality. it’s hard to say why one kid grows up to be a Hitler and another grows up to be Pope Francis.

        It has nothing to do with culture and nations are becoming outdated abstractions.

        We ascribe evil to moments in history or to the most flamboyant example without noticing the every day evils that every day people enable with silence.

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