A photograph of the ally behind San Francisco's Transamerica Pyramid.

These Mornings


That April Chuck bought a lightweight three-piece suit
from Brook’s Brothers.

The next day he dressed and explored the office buildings
in San Francisco’s Financial District.

He liked the Alcoa Building and arrived every morning
at nine to ride the elevator.

Chuck always got out on the thirteenth floor and
he always took the stairwell down.

Chuck eventually made friends with the other office
workers who arrived and entered the elevator promptly
at nine.

Eventually everyone said good morning to Chuck and
Chuck felt loved and accepted.

Then one day a trim young executive in a snazzy Calvin
Klein asked Chuck why he always wore the same
suit to work; and it was time to find another building.

(c) Rob Goldstein All Rights Reserved 2015-2017


15 thoughts on “These Mornings

  1. I enjoyed this story because I was curious and stories that stoke curiosity, are usually interesting with surprise endings. Well done.


  2. Another great story, Rob! I like the 13th floor too. Many buildings don’t have them or keep them unmarked and reserved for maintenance.
    Very nice twist/reveal at the end!

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  3. Lovely story, just to feel good about yourself you sometimes needs to fake it. I was hoping for a job proposition but the man had a lot of depth than I imagined.

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