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A Flight of Ideas: Ruminations

Judy asked if I was ready to come
out on the floor.

Think of it: come out on the floor.

What does it mean?

Say it enough and it’s meaningless.

Come Out. On. The. Floor.

Say it enough and it’s paralyses.

The position I’m in right now?

I’m on a mat in the seclusion room.

The walls are wet and swell with milk
for me.

With milk. For me.

I for one will never believe I am
Christ; the responsibility is enough
to bust a nut!

But I’m lonely.

All I really want is to love.

Is that wrong?

Judy asked if I’m ready to come out
on the floor.

Think of it: come out. on the floor.

What can it mean?

“I only read simple things.” I reply.

(c) Rob Goldstein 2017 All Rights Reserved

4 thoughts on “A Flight of Ideas: Ruminations

  1. That could, metaphorically, mean anything if you think about it.
    “Come out on the floor.” Get “called on the carpet.” Let your true self be known.
    Possibilities….that phrase just strikes me as…..fascinating for some reason.

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