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 Loving Lady Lazuli

According to Romance Writers of America, romance books garnered $1.08 billion in sales in 2013 and accounted for 34% of the fiction market. With stats like that, I’m wondering why I didn’t choose the romance genre but then I remembered — I have no talent for it. Ah, but Lady Shey does. Loving Lady Lazuli is the classic storyline of boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy meets girl again, but told as a relentless, breathy romantic mystery.

It’s been decades since I read a bodice-ripper if you don’t count the Outlander series by Diana Gabladon which markets itself as romance, but is really a hybrid — the love child of Romance and Historical Fiction — and I may have never read another one if I didn’t chance upon Shehanne Moore’s blog and struck up a friendship with the Lady Shey.

Now, announcing your…

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Young Women Around the World Face Down Evil

from JoAnn Chateau

Progressive Graffiti

Let’s take a moment to celebrate the courageous young women around the world who are facing down the personification of evil…

“A photograph of 16-year-old girl scout Lucie Myslíková staring defiantly at a right wing protester during a May Day counter-protest in the Czech city of Brno quickly went viral Thursday, with Myslíková drawing widespread praise for calmly confronting the demonstrator…” ~ Linda Kinstler

READ MORE: Meet the 16-Year-Old Czech Girl Scout Who Stood up to the Far-Right | Fortune

And remember the “Fearless Girl” statue facing down the Wall Street bull.  A remarkable trend is taking root.

“…The “Fearless Girl” has taken a life of its own: It is no longer just a symbol for International Women’s Day, or a corporate ploy, or a nuanced statement of an artist who hasn’t had to share the spotlight with anyone else. Rather, the statue is a symbol that says women are resilient…

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The Trump Tower Caper (28): The Hillbilly Hemorrhoid/Political Porn

from Buffalo Tom Peabody