Young Women Around the World Face Down Evil

from JoAnn Chateau

JoAnn Chateau

Let’s take a moment to celebrate the courageous young women around the world who are facing down the personification of evil…

“A photograph of 16-year-old girl scout Lucie Myslíková staring defiantly at a right wing protester during a May Day counter-protest in the Czech city of Brno quickly went viral Thursday, with Myslíková drawing widespread praise for calmly confronting the demonstrator…” ~ Linda Kinstler

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And remember the “Fearless Girl” statue facing down the Wall Street bull.  A remarkable trend is taking root.

“…The “Fearless Girl” has taken a life of its own: It is no longer just a symbol for International Women’s Day, or a corporate ploy, or a nuanced statement of an artist who hasn’t had to share the spotlight with anyone else. Rather, the statue is a symbol that says women are resilient…

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