Great-Great Grandfather Knows Best: Who Are the People of America?

A film made in 1953 that explains how the United States came
to be a culturally diverse nation going back to the founding.

The film is not without problems: there is no mention of the
horrors of slavery or the slaughter of indigenous people.

The film was made for children in elementary school who
watched it in an auditorium and returned to their classes
for discussion.

These discussions often included the American Civil War and
America’s struggle to expand the scope and inclusiveness of
civil rights.

This is another film designed to prevent the rise of fascism, which
relies heavily on successfully demonizing immigrants and people
of color.

Published 1953 Usage Public Domain
Found at the Internet Archives

3 thoughts on “Great-Great Grandfather Knows Best: Who Are the People of America?

    1. Agreed Dave…But films like this prepared the public for what came later. In fact, it predates the Civil Rights Movement which means that films like this helped to inspire it. As I consider our current dilemma I realize that we are all a flawed piece of something bigger than ourselves. I’m grateful to George Washington for belonging to the most progressive political thinkers of his day, and detest the fact that he owned slaves.

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