Screen capture of President Donald J Trump shoving Montenegro Prime Minister Dusko Markovic aside in order to be the center of attention

Great-Great Grandfather Knows Best: Civilized Men Don’t Shove

‘Everyday Courtesy’ is a 1949 film for elementary school
civics courses.

Children marched to the school’s auditorium to watch the
film then marched back to the classroom for a discussion.

Some people criticize the film for being a product of its time,
but teaching our President the fundamentals of good manners
seems like a damned good idea.

‘Everyday Courtesy’ – 1947.


Animated Gif of President Trump shoving his way through a group of men
This is NOT Normal.


Reprocessed screen shot from the movie ‘Everyday Courtesy’- 1947.
May I pass please, Prime Minister Markovic?





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  1. The shoving is so unbelieveable. And his rooster posture when he got himself up front and center is a perfect example of narcissism at it’s most malignant expression.

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