Reprocessed screenshot of the title of a WW2 Propaganda short made by Walt Disney called Education for Death

Education for Death: The Making of A Nazi

Made by Walt Disney Studios in 1943, this ten-minute anti-Nazi
propaganda film depicts Nazi indoctrination of children.

The short also references the Hitler Youth and Lebensborn, Hitler’s
eugenics program for breeding Aryans.

The goal of the Hitler Youth was clear:

 “We demand that the National Socialist Youth, and all other young Germans, irrespective of class or occupation, between fourteen and eighteen years of age, whose hearts are affected by the suffering and hardships afflicting the Fatherland, and who later desire to join the ranks of the fighters against the Jewish enemy, the sole originator of our present shame and suffering, enter the Youth League of the NSDAP…”

Based on a screen shot from the Film Education for Death-The Making of the Nazi
The World Belongs to the strong and brutal. There is no room for weaklings.

This animated short is tragically relevant as Germany becomes the leader of the Free World.

Education for Death: The Making of A Nazi
by Walt Disney Studios
Published 1943

On edit:

I will not suffer attempts to use my blog to wage a partisan war of words.

This post is not partisan.

All Americans should be horrified the Russian hack of our election,
and the President’s attempt to subvert our press.

A screen shot of a trump tweet that calls the legitimate news fake
This memorial day let us remember that political leaders who spout enemy propaganda are un American

All Americans should want the truth about Russia’s influence on our government.

If you think this is a liberal/democrat thing you’re a fool and a danger to the nation and you might want to stop following my blog.

Screenshot of Angela Merkel stating that Europe cannot count on the U.S.
This is not Normal

 All Americans should be appalled by Trump’s treatment of our NATO Allies.

Animated gif from NBC News
This is NOT Normal.

Trump is NOT Normal









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      1. My parents have been there, done that,as the cliché goes. Even without declaring Martial Law, my parents can see what’s happening here, especially the gall and brazenness.

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      2. Our ability to transmit data from one generation to the next is supposed to give us an evolutionary advantage. We know that this is another period of global realignment and we know that Fascism is a constant threat that gains power in times of uncertainty.

        Most of the history of the 20th Century struggle against the fascist impulse is on film and well documented.

        Our current situation is mystifying.

        The World’s oldest and most advanced democracy is under the rule of cheesy old con man who knows nothing about the laws and traditions of the nation he leads.

        This is life-threatening stupidity and it is unforgivable.


    1. Whatever the cultural spin the method of fascism is always the same: people are divided against each and the nation falls into chaos and tyranny. Isis is not the responsible for America’s loss of stature in the World.


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