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A Flight of Ideas: Strange Days

I wanted 15 seconds of fame so Judy took us to a record store.

David and Louise came along and David was really something with
his face crawling.

The clerk kept staring at Louise so David buttoned his shirt.

I bought an old Doors album, handed the clerk a hundred and
watched him slowly count out the change.

I said thank you and stood by the door as polite as can be.

David was everywhere, breathing hard and sweating.

Then he opened his shirt in front of the clerk and smeared Louise
all over his belly.

Now Judy says she’s never gonna bring us out again, but she always
says that, and she always does.

I wonder if my life is Judy’s life with me as the central character,
but it’s best to keep such questions to myself.

I can go home when I am more facile with this process.

Image and Text (c) Rob Goldstein 2017 All Rights reserved.



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