“It’s not about Republicans and Democrats. They’re coming after America.”

There is no Left or Right when it comes to protecting our freedoms.

“It’s not about Republicans and Democrats. They’re coming after America.” ~ James Comey, about Russia.

The Precipice of PTSD…

from Combat Medic

Combat Medic

Most people don’t understand the change that happens within a soldier that just gets back from war. Everyone comes back changed, whether they’d like to admit it or not, some worse than others.

In my case, I was the worst.

Not a day has gone by in these past 13 years that I haven’t thought about Iraq and the messed-up things I saw and did there. I have only recently started moving on with my life with the intent to show America what it’s like to be on the battle front, fighting for our country and our lives only to come home to a never ending battle.

This scene from the first chapter of my book Combat Medic takes place at the precipice of my Post-Traumatic stress disorder, the worst moment of my life.

Slamming the door, I locked it and rested my head against the wood frame, trying to regain my thoughts.

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Body Blast Me, Baby!

from Living a Beautiful Life

Living a Beautiful Life

“Challenge yo’self!”

I am!

Has it really only been fifteen minutes??

“Faster!  Higher!”

Okay!  Okay!

Ohmigod, when is the last time I participated in an exercise class?  Hmm.  Hard to say… lol.

Come on princess

Now the weights!

If I don’t make it will someone please feed Hank the Hedgehog?

Now the steps!

Another hour??

Now the mat!

A wave of nausea

Probably unrelated

Weights again!

Should have brought water

Steps again!

Should have put my hair up

Mat again!

Go, go, go

More weights!

“Challenge yo’self!”

More steps!

I’ve got the rhythm, baby

More mat!

“Feel it in yo’ core!”


“Challenge yo’self!”


What song is this?


I should be disco dancing








Ten more!




One push up!  Just one!  Half — okay, get back up!


Jump rope!

Weights again!

Slow, hold, back

Steps again!


Mat again!

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