Rock You Like a Boot Camp Hurricane, Baby

from Living a Beautiful Life

Living a Beautiful Life

“You’re going to want to double those risers.”  The instructor walks over to me before class starts and motions to my step platform set up.

“You think so?”  Looks fine to me.

“Oh yeah.”  He steps up and down on my platform to demonstrate.

“You’re taller than me.”

“You’ll be bored.”

Hmm… maybe?

“While you’re at it double the plates on your barbell.”

“Even though I’m just getting back into an exercise regimen?”  Risk of unconsciousness and all that.

“Oh yeah.”

Okay, then.

Rock you like a hurricane!  Scorpions blast out at us.  My kinda boot camp, I smile.

“Run laps around the room!”

It’s early morning

Running?  Nobody said there would be any running —

The sun comes out

“Sprint at the far wall!”

Last night was shaking


And pretty loud

“Scissor run!”

My cat is purring

No, dude, you’re not passing me

Scratches my skin


So what is…

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