Photo-shopped photograph of a pro immigrant sign in a shop window that reads, We are Human

Human Rights: We are Human

I’m depressed this weekend and I don’t think I’m alone.

I feel overwhelmed by life in the United States.

How sad to watch intelligent people defend the rise of cruelty, lies, and chaos.

Trumpism plays havoc with my DID because this is the abusive world of my childhood: the racist bullies with swastikas and white robes; homophobes who murdered gay  men with impunity.

The 1960’s was a time when it seemed the only lives that mattered were the lives of straight white men but we did have a government that imposed  the rule of law; we did have a government the people could petition for change.

The Trump Administration at war with Americans who value human rights and the rule of law.

His cult members no longer recognize their fellow citizens human.

The United States has a sickness and it’s destroying our lives.

How sad to progress this far only to come back to life as a  dehumanized target in fear for his life.

We are human.

After all these years, why does this still need to be said?

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  1. Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the authogr. There is no fee; I’m simply trying to add more content diversity for our community and I enjoyed reading your work. If “OK” please let me know via email.


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    The nation just completed its celebration of 241 years since the Declaration of Independence was first published. Some celebrated in their usual manner, with picnics and fireworks, but many of us did not feel very celebratory. I would like to share this post from fellow-blogger Robert Goldstein, as it is short and goes straight to the point, to the reason that some of us feel there isn’t much to celebrate in this holiday. Thank you, Rob, for a post so full of feeling, a post to which many of us can relate. And thank you for permission to share.

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  3. Well said, my friend. Con su permiso, I will re-blog this tomorrow, for I share your feelings and think these thoughts/emotions are worth sharing. I second Gronda’s motion for a GROUP HUG!!!

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  4. Dear Rob and friends,

    We all need a group hug. Lately, I have taken time to zen, to think about things, to ask why we are stuck with peoples in charge who truly don’t give a hoot about “we the people.” Their attempts to pass Trumpcare which was only cruelcare told the story, loud and clear.

    Frankly, none of this makes sense. Good people’s worlds have been turned upside down.

    Hugs and don’t give up hope, There are lots of good peoples out there who feel like you do.


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    1. To be clear, I think many survivors, especially survivors of narcissistic parents, are triggered and horrified by this President. And isn’t it interesting that the core strategy of Russian psychological warfare just happens to be the primary strategy of sociopaths and pathological narcissists,

      Trump Gaslighting

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  5. It’s a tough time and the 4th I’m sure will be unlike any that Americans have had before, in light of the situation.. Do take care and know that your conversations and posts are making a difference. Thank you too for the recent reblog xx

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    1. Thank You Christy. It’s millions of people refusing to be silenced by bullies. There is a resistance and it does make a difference. Happy 4th…Let’s hope it brings us closer to freedom from this odious mistake.

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  6. As a Canadian cousin, I do sympathize. I’m grateful we have a government that does its best to safeguard everyone’s human rights. Having said that, Canada isn’t perfect either. I don’t minimize your anguish, but I have to believe that “this too will pass.” As I watched Trump’s latest PR disaster – thumping out a CNN reporter at a wrestling match – I was encouraged to see many GOPs condemn him. Give him enough rope and he’ll hang himself. Hang in there, my American cousins!

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    1. This is the first time Americans have ever experienced a military strike. And the nature of the weapon makes it very difficult to understand that we were attacked because Putin is using every day tools that most of us think of as benign. How does one begin to understand that a new ‘friend’ on Facebook was actually one of many fake accounts in use by paid Russian Operatives. It’s almost absurd except that this is what happened. What I can’t understand is why Trump is in power when the Obama Administration had enough information in August 2016 to remove him from the campaign. And thank you for your good words. We’ll get through this. And maybe we’ll be stronger for it.

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      1. Great question about Trump – perhaps they knew about the Russian connection but couldn’t prove it. Wouldn’t Comey have had access to that info? If so, why didn’t he use it? I hope you find something to celebrate today, Robert. In that spirit I wish you a happy 4th!

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      2. You live in a city that I’d love to visit, Robert. I’m glad you found some peace mingling with some real people.

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      3. I can imagine! You liked it better than Honolulu, I take it. I’ve never seen either city. I need to get out more!

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      4. After I left Charleston I moved to New Haven. It was perfect for what I needed. After New Haven I was ready for a break and Honolulu was a great way to spend a few years.

        I knew that New Haven and Honolulu were stop-overs. When I moved to San Francisco I came home.


  7. My dear friend … I feel you! I feel just like you … my DID has been gone since November. I’m finding it difficult to find uplifting, fun, interesting topics to post about. HE’s always there … tight hugs. We must rely, hang on each other! I’m here … 🙏🏽

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    In a sense, I’m glad to know I’m not the only one feeling this way … this isn’t the America I once loved and respected! This is an America I don’t recognize – seems it was like this all along but well hidden – I’ve been fooled all this time. The mask is off! I can’t celebrate this America either. As a member of the LGBTQ community I’ve been waiting in a full front assault to our community!
    As another awesome blogger posted: “July 4, 2017 … just another day’!

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    1. That’s why I wrote this post. I know I’m not alone. It helps to know that other people feel like this. In fact, we are the majority and we know the difference between fact and fiction! Can you believe trump supporters think NASA has child sex rings on Mars but they don’t believe the evidenced produced by 17 intelligence agencies that agree Russia hacked our election. Maybe I’m being ‘elitist’ but this kind of ignorance in people with internet access is unforgivable. There are alot of lies on the internet; and thousands of ways to access news you can verify.


  9. Damn, I hate to read this. I’ve been out of the loop lately far as life in the US goes, but now that I’ve been checking the news lately I’m not overly excited about returning. It’s been so nice to live in a country where everyone doesn’t hate everyone who’s different from them in any way.

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    1. It’s horrible right now. Anyone who believes that the U.S. must investigate Russia’s attack on our nation is dismissed as a ‘liberal’…it’s as if ‘liberal’ thought has of no meaning or function in a healthy democracy. The most frustrating aspect is that it’s all incredibly stupid.

      NASA has had to officially deny the establishment of a pedophile sex ring on Mars because many of Trump’s supporters think that one exists.

      It’s almost as if some clever Russian tyrant has targeted the least informed people in the U.S. with idiotically divisive propaganda.

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      1. At the moment we are the hostages of a pathological narcissist placed in power by a Russian oligarch who used weaponized propaganda and other methods to subvert the 2016 election.

        It is possible that most of our government is the result of an act of war by the Russian Federation.

        Under normal circumstances 99 percent of America would agree that suspicion of a foreign intrusion on our elections warrants investigation.

        But somehow there are people in this country who are more willing to believe that NASA is running a pedophile sex ring on Mars–And they’ll call you a ‘libtard’ for disagreeing with them.

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  10. “”His cult members no longer recognize their brothers and sisters as human.

    The United States has a sickness and it’s destroying our lives.

    I’m going to take a short break this holiday because I need to take care of myself.

    This is not an America I can celebrate.

    How sad to progress this far only to come back to life as a dehumanized target in fear for his life.

    We are human”


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  11. So sad and so true. I visited a new doctor recently. I injured my knee and may need surgery. He asked me what I like to do for fun. I said travel, read, write etc. I also told him my bum knee is cramping my style and mobility, especially since I may need to exit the country quickly. He said “Don’t even get me started.” My response, “never in my life did I think our country would be where we are at.” He totally agreed with me. I want us to move forward as a nation, not backwards. This shit storm reality show we are living is getting way out of hand.

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    1. First of all, I hope the knee heals well. I hope you won’t have alot of pain. Regarding our politics, at this point it’s not about Trump. I feel betrayed as an American by the House GOP. We expect both political parties to protect and defend our Constitution and our lives. The GOP’s dereliction of duty is unforgivable. If we do manage to survive as a constitutional democracy I want them punished for decades for this.

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      1. You have it all together … yes, it’s beyond HIM. The others are riding his idiotic coat tails because of their secondary gains. 8 years, and more, going down the drain in a flash … I’m speechless & almost paralyzed. I’ve been in fight or flight mode since November & mostly flight! I want to leave this puede of land … if only!! Hi to Rob & Contessa (hope your knee heads well) 🙏🏽


      2. It’s not as if this hideous contempt for human rights and people of color is new to the United States. What’s new is seeing it normalized outside of the South. I’m sorry if that comment offends friends and family who still live in the South but ignorant bigots made my life Hell and drove me away from the South. Now those people are in charge of the Federal Government.

        What are we supposed to do when the government passes laws written by ignorant bigots?

        Thank you for the re-blog, visit, and comment. 🙂

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      3. You are most welcome!! Remember … I live in the South … I wasn’t even aware that there was a difference or a history here. Now I know … I’m getting now that this is nothing new. Makes me think that the mask came off!
        That’s the word … normalized! Hugs!!

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      4. I’m sure that alot of the South has changed. But it was more royalist during the American Revolution. Because of slavery it also kept the feudal system brought over from Europe. The Southern Aristocracy was not really in favor of educating and emancipating anyone, black or white. In fact, it purposely fostered racial resentment as a way of keeping poor whites in ‘their place’.

        For an excellent assessment of the differences between the Northern States and the Southern States read DEMOCRACY IN AMERICA By Alexis De Tocqueville:

        This is some what he wrote in 1831: “In New England the education and the liberties of the communities were engendered by the moral and religious principles of their founders. Where society has acquired a sufficient degree of stability to enable it to hold certain maxims and to retain fixed habits, the lower orders are accustomed to respect intellectual superiority and to submit to it without complaint, although they set at naught all those privileges which wealth and birth have introduced among mankind. The democracy in New England consequently makes a more judicious choice than it does elsewhere.

        But as we descend towards the South, to those States in which the constitution of society is more modern and less strong, where instruction is less general, and where the principles of morality, of religion, and of liberty are less happily combined, we perceive that the talents and the virtues of those who are in authority become more and more rare. “

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      5. Wow!! I really appreciate this info. I learn more and more, every day. I’m dumbfounded that these topics weren’t taught when I was in school! TY, Rob! ❤️

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      6. I learned alot of this stuff on my own.

        For instance, the leaders of the Southern States discussed life without slaves as early as 1835.

        They discussed keeping the Black population in poverty in order to keep the wages of White Labor low. They had determined that paying wages to whites was cheaper than owning slaves because they were not required to feed and care for hired help.

        They understood that they would never do a slaves job if a former slave was allowed to do it.

        Remember too that poor White men didn’t get the vote until 1856. The last state to grant the vote to poor whites was North Carolina.

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      7. This debate over living wages and public schools goes back to the 1700’s when a free wage labor market emerged in the more democratic North.

        Progressives opened public schools and began to educate the poor and working class and by the late mid 1800’s a labor’s rights movement was growing. The reaction of the ‘aristocracy’ to an uppity work force was the Eugenics movement of the early 20th Century. Eugenics argued that poverty was a good way to lower the birthrate and lifespan of the poor and working classes.

        One way to generate the right amount of poverty was to suppress wages and access to
        medical care and other essential resources.

        It’s the same idea. Keep the working class frightened, poor, and ignorant. They’ll be grateful for what they get and love you for giving it to them.

        This brings us to the modern Republican Party, which takes the audacious stand that letting millions of people die from preventable illness is the only way to safeguard liberty.

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