Understanding Provocation

Good background for anyone who wants to understand recent events in the US.

The XX Committee

One of the most powerful tools the Kremlin has in its secret arsenal of Special War is provocation, what they call provokatsiya. While Moscow cannot claim to have invented this technique, which has existed as long as there have been secret services, there’s no doubt that Russians have perfected the art and taken it to a whole new level of sophistication and deviousness. At times, it can become a strategy all on its own (not always, mind you, with edifying results).

Provokatsiya simply means taking control of your enemies in secret and encouraging them to do things that discredit them and help you. You plant your own agents provocateurs and flip legitimate activists, turning them to your side. When you’re dealing with extremists to start with, getting them to do crazy, self-defeating things isn’t often difficult. In some cases, you simply create extremists and terrorists where they don’t exist…

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2 thoughts on “Understanding Provocation

    1. It’s gonna get a little darker before we see the light. Putin has the White House and as long as we’re in chaos, he’s winning. For myself, I make it a habit to push back on propaganda and to verify everything I read. I write, email, and call congress every day. Every branch of our government is under assault and Americans are on the brink of discovering is that Putin has more than Trump in his sneaky little hands.

      Putin’s brand of propaganda is designed to make us feel outnumbered and overwhelmed.

      It’s good to remember a few things: Hillary Clinton is not the President and neither is Barack Obama; whatever their alleged crimes may have been, those crimes do not justify Trump’s crimes. Truth is not a matter of opinion, and a lie is not a fact. Not all political systems are equally corrupt; regardless of the crimes of the USA, we are not as corrupt as Putin’s oligarchy and we never have been. Our flawed Democracy will always be better than Putin’s vicious tyranny because we the people can change it with activism and voting. The two party system functions best when both parties agree to follow the rule of law and to work for the best interest of the Nation. The ends do not justify the means. 🙂 Let’s hope we see the other side of this soon.


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