Digital painting based on a photograph in a tunnel that links Chinatown to downtown San Francisco

Exiting Chinatown

You see it, don’t you?

You see the way?

You see the way

All the way through?

Yes, it’s this way: the way
is through you.

It’s this way please.

Please follow through.

(c) Rob Goldstein 2017 All Rights Reserved

20 thoughts on “Exiting Chinatown

      1. Really, I’m not distracted. The invite isn’t coming through. I wonder if the system thinks I already accepted the invite because I did. I’ve also noticed that I’ve stopped getting notifications for the people I follow. This should be a very simple thing from what I see on my end. Do me a favor and send the invite again. When you do leave a note here. If it’s not in my inbox we’ll walk through it.

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      2. I has the same problem with notifications and a sudden change in emails being sent to reader. I’ve felt with WP this week till I’m blue in face. This should be the simplest to do. WP and I have talked about this, last invite I included them, the got invite. I’ll send one now. If you have another address that’s not Yahoo or a sub account not with Yahoo send me an Email. I know this started long before sale to Verizon, I’m grabbing at straws. When it done, we’ll find out WP could have done something on the front end. They keep telling me they can’t tell if you received but can tell it was sent. Much more than that I’m about Privacy.
        M going there now, will come back right after sending.

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