Fox News Under FBI Counterintelligence Investigation

from Louise Mensch


Sources with links to the justice department report that Fox News is under an FBI counterintelligence investigation for co-ordinating with the Kremlin in broadcasting propaganda.

While the First Amendment guarantees freedom of speech and journalistic freedom, sources say that signals intelligence gathered from so-called ‘incidental collection,’ such as NSA collection on Sputnik and Russia Today,  which is ongoing.

Specifically, Sean Hannity is on signals intelligence co-ordinating his pro-Trump message with organs of the Russian state, such as RT, Sputnik, Wikileaks and Julian Assange. However, emails co-ordinating messaging with registered agents of the Russian state are said to exist from more shows than that of Sean Hannity.

Furthermore, sources familiar with the matter say that the FBI is actively considering a referral to the FCC, in addition to any criminal prosecutions that may result for individuals not registering under FARA for coordinating with official agents of the Russian state.

Patribotics hopes to…

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8 thoughts on “Fox News Under FBI Counterintelligence Investigation

    1. I hope it’s true. Mensch has a goof track record and it makes sense. Fox has always played partisan politics but this is treason and treason is only partisan if your a Russian Propagandist.


      1. Lol. Seriously? I think the press should be left to be in their free zone. They can be cautioned when they are spotted on the wrong path to aid democracy. A scare like this makes all others too careful and sets the stage for stooging.

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