Photo collage of a portrait of Ayn Rand over a photo of a homeless man pushing a wheel chair

Thoughts on Recovery

As an adult survivor of physical and psychological abuse, many of my struggles are with internalized negative messages about my worth as a person.

I win more often than not, but mastering the illness takes patience,
energy, skill and a good therapist.

Without a federally funded program like Medicare, I would live at the
mercy of my symptoms.

Access to effective treatment has almost made me well enough to
return to work.

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness: these three unalienable rights
require equal access to essential services for all citizens.

Healthcare is a human right, not a privilege of the rich.


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22 thoughts on “Thoughts on Recovery

    1. Most people are either baffled or feel betrayed. Whatever the GOP may have been, it is no longer a viable American political party. The thing that took the GOP’s place may continue to call itself the GOP. It may even be able to rig the mid-term elections and tout itself as the party that best represents the American people. But most of the world know what the GOP is and what the GOP’s done.

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      1. The only thing that may come out of this is that after this man, no Republican will be elected POTUS for a long time. I hope he doesn’t start a war to divert the attention of Americans from the on-going Russian investigation. And expect more outrageous pronouncements from him for the same reason. This time, it’s banning transgender folks from serving in the military. Tomorrow, I don’t know.

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  1. It is adding up on my credit card to get trauma therapy…but its. Critical and helping!!! I simply cannot afford it. And that is so very wrong. We should all be given mental health care!!!!!!

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    1. My case manager wrote a letter of medical necessity. In California health plans are required to provide medically necessary treatment. All of the literature that psychotherapy is the only effective treatment for dissociative disorders.


      1. I had threee medical necessity letters sent to insurance for my leg pain due to my muscle disease and severe atrophy. They replied that I cannot actually prove that this would cause debilitating pain. As for my psychiatrist. They will not pay for that treatment. It is out of pocket at $300 a pop so I have stopped that and just see a therapist. At $80 a pop but she gave me a discount due to all of my other health bills fortunately she was kind. Now if i want PT I only get 15 sessions. PTSD is nothing that gives me approval. The entire insurance is bullshit. Sorry to say that on your blog but it is a disgrace to anyone who has any sort of disabling conditions

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      2. I agree with you. The institutional stigma against mental illness is so ingrained that people think nothing of stepping over the sick as they lay dying on the streets. It’s horrible. I’m sorry that your insurance isn’t serving your needs.

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