A digital painting based on an avatar in virtual reality of a young woman against an abstract urban landscape in a feminine tuxedo

Fellique Dupré in the Haunted World: Farewell my Raisin D’etre!

Marcy awakens the next morning and Fellique is gone.

On the mirror, scrawled in lipstick: Farewell my raisin d’être!

Behind the message,  Marcy’s reflection bubbles and is slowly
replaced by the face of a hag.

“Who are you!” demands the Hag.

Illustration of the 'Hag' based on a photograph of a paste up on Valencia Street in San Francisco
The male gods are titillated but not amused

“I am Marcy Bloomingdale of Queens, New York.”

“No! You are Persephone, ex-wife of Hades!”

Marcy rolls her eyes, “What’s he want?”

“The male gods are titillated by your lesbian affair but not amused.

They take revenge on you by unleashing your love’s late Mother, for
she cannot bear to see her daughter happy.

Fellique is her hostage in the Underworld.”

“By the gods,” exclaims Persephone, alias Marcy Bloomingdale of Queens, New York,  “How can I retrieve her!”

The image of the Hag begins to vanish, “You must seek the mercy of Pluto.

You must return to the Underworld…”

(c) Rob Goldstein 2017 All Rights Reserved

Felique Dupré in the Haunted World in the Haunted World: An Affair






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    1. As my therapy progresses I begin to gain a better understanding of the work written by my alternates. What I love about getting comments from people is you see things that I don’t see. I didn’t see what you described but when I saw your comment I went back and had a look. That’s in there. Thanks, Sheldon!

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      1. Oh, awesome!! I know both and I love love love the Clash of the Titans. A while ago it was played on TV again and I watched. So crazy how bad the animation was but back then it was thrilling!!!

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