Image of a wall mural in clarion alley san francisco, the dogs are barking Violence, Sexism, Exclusion, Fear

Racism, Violence, Sexism, Exclusion, Fear

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Know Your Rights

Trauma symptoms were crippling this week; I think I’ve lost three
or four days.

Trump and the Trump/Putin attempt to re-institutionalize blatant
racism and homophobia in the United States is driving me crazy.

A brutal history of cruelty and hate has marched into the present
and demanded control of our lives.

A young woman is dead because our President incites violence.

White Supremacists kill our democracy to preserve a heritage
of spilling innocent blood.

I am living proof of the damage bigots inflict on the children
of the people they target.

You can do something now to stop the abuse of a child:

Say no to racism!

Say no to fascism!

Say no to Trump.

#VoteBlue this November 6th, 2018


Seven things I wish people knew about mental illness found on Pinterest
Seven things I wish people knew about mental illness – found on Pinterest.



29 thoughts on “Racism, Violence, Sexism, Exclusion, Fear

  1. It feels like we’re living in an alternate reality; these past two weeks have been especially bizarre. But in truth a lot of us were living in an alternate reality before Drumpf. We (meaning people like myself who’ve grown up with a certain degree of privilege) didn’t realize just how hateful the US still was. Now we’re being forced to confront that fact, and it remains to be seen how this will unfold.

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    1. Trump’s hateful base is a revelation for many people. I was raised among racist and pro-confederate Southerners. One of my earliest memories is of the profound confusion I felt at the age of five, when I realized Jesus was a Jewish Rabbi. I did not understand how adults who professed to ‘love’ Christ could be so cruel to a little Jewish boy who could not possibly harm them. Of all of the evil these hateful people inflict on the world, the worst is their abuse of the children. They scar us and then blame us for being weak. Thank you for reading the post, Josh.

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  2. You’re right, Rob — this round does not feel organic… Great choice of words.
    I know we have to be aware and informed. But once in awhile, it helps me to turn off all the media for a day or two. We can’t do anything to help if we implode… Wishing you well. More hugs.

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    1. I had to shut down when I saw the murder of Heather Heyer and the braying jubilation of Trump’s brainwashed base. It’s important to remember that America’s weaknesses are being used against us by an insidious tyrant who uses the media to manipulate our perceptions of the World. I’m doing better today. I’m just so sick of white supremacists. I feel as if my entire life is spent fighting the damage they cause. Thanks Teagan!

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  3. Feels like we are going backwards to like 50 years ago. May I say I am not suprised, this is what Trump was a bout from the start. The best didn’t even make it to the elections. Love and peace and commmon sense never make it nowadays. I guess it’s not in vogue anymore…. We live a really shitty era and Trump symbolizes everything I hate about it. Greed and psychopaths who make money in Wallstreet is what’s trendy and it sucks. I want to go back to the 60s and the 70s. At least there was still hope.

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    1. Anyone who was raised in that mess 50 years ago has to have a sense of vertigo. One thing I will say, this round of racist blather doesn’t feel ‘organic’ to the process. By that I mean this doesn’t feel like a phase of social evolution. This feels more imposed. We must never forget that our nation is under attack by an insidious weapon that uses our computers and other media to lie to us and to incite violence in those who are vulnerable to it..

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      1. ”an insidious weapon that uses our computers and other media to lie to us and to incite violence in those who are vulnerable to it” This is what I call disinformation. Its the main weapon that is used to lie and confuse those who are vulnerable to it and even those who try to discern the Truth from..well.. the disinformation.. Sorry I thought it was precisely what you were talking about. To me it sounded like the very definition of disinformation.

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      2. Are you saying that my statement is disinformation? Because I base my statement on the the findings of our Intelligence Community and the NATO Handbook of Russian Information Warfare. To say it differently, if there is no evidence that Russia used Facebook and other Social media outlets to influence our election then everything I’ve written is a lie. But there is evidence of this, so my statement is information. You’re certainly free to have a different opinion. But facts aren’t opinions.

        Even Trump admits that Russia worked to influence the election.


      3. Upon re-reading this I realize that the source of my confusion is this statement: ” Its the main weapon that is used to lie and confuse those who are vulnerable to it and even those who try to discern the Truth from..well.. the disinformation.”

        I don’t understand what you mean.

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      4. No i’m saying that you are absolutely right and that sentence you said to me is the very definition of disinformation. I 100% agrre with you. What I was saying is that when you say ””an insidious weapon that uses our computers and other media to lie to us and to incite violence in those who are vulnerable to it” that sentence perfectly defines what desinformation is and who it affects. I’m not saying you are disinforming people. I just thought you gave a very good definition of what disiformation is and how it is used nowadays to control the net and the masses. I’m very sorry for the misunderstanding and I hope you do understand me now. I was putting emphasis on the fact that what you were saying was spot on. I just wanted to put a word on what you defined with that sentence and you defined in a general way the concept of disinfromation. Not sating you were actually disinforming people. I understand the way you perceived it but its not it. I just thought you had very well defined what disinformation is and who it affects. I’m sorry for the confusion. I hope you understand what I was trying to say. Nothing against what you were saying! On the contrary!! I thought you were 100% right. Spot on!! I think that since the people that are trying to contain the valuable information and the Truth that is circulating on the net and deceiving people are mostly using disinformation as their main weapon.
        Concrete exemple of disinformnation: If a lot of studies and trully well intentioned organisations are putting up stuff on the net to support the idea that the climate change are affecting our planet in a very bad way and putting up graphics and all sorts of scientific and/or other proofs to support what they are saying in order to make people aware that it is in fact taking place (climate change) and that it has a very bad impact on our planet, there also will be people hired by organisms that don’t want this information to be available and they will putting up graphics and/or other proofs that say exactly the contrary on the net that will be based on lies and deceit precisely to confused people that are vulnerable to being tricked by lies and deceit. There is misinformation but there is also disinformation which is even worst because it is intentional and deliberate. I never ever thought you were doing one or the other. I’m sorry you thought it’s what I was implying…. I shouldn’t have simply writethe word ”disinformation” , I understand it led you to believe I was saying you were disinforming people, not at all I just meant to define IMO what you were talking about, putting a single word that, to me was defining what you were refering to. My bad. I’m truly sorry for the misunderstanding. Keep up the good work. I’m 100% with you in that ine for sure!! Probably on the majority of the subject you talked about in the past too but I can’t say for the future but I have faith I wil be too! I hope that clears the air once and for all and that I explained myself well. Sorry for my bad English. French is my mother langage. English is a second langage to me so I know that can lead to confusion and I am trully very sorry if it has been misinterpreted. Have a wonderful day, Yours Truly!! Peace Out from Montreal!

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      5. And no I never meant to say your statement was disinformation.. What set you on the wrong path is I simply wrote the word disinformation.. I just wanted to emphasis that what you were describing in the quote I used from your text seemed to me to be the perfect definition of disinformation not that it actually WAS disinformation.

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      6. You know Tobe, I woke up in the middle of the night and thought about your reply and suddenly got it. It’s hard to know another person’s intentions online and sometimes I’m just dense. Thanks for the explanation! 🙂

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