Surrealist self-portrtait based on a snapshot of me in big glasses reading Antonin Artaud in a Superman Costume

You Say I’m Your favorite drug?

You say I’m your favorite drug?

Then I will die with every dose,

So rush baby rush!

My illusions will never be more beautiful!

(c) Rob Goldstein, 1986



14 thoughts on “You Say I’m Your favorite drug?

      1. I’m going through changes. It’s been 7 months since my Sister’s death and there are parts of me that are still grieving. The good news is the main alternates in my system are communicating which makes it easier to edit the work they produced.

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      2. Me too. I saw an interesting question from someone on Twitter. She was saying that she wasn’t happy with the term ‘Mental Illness’ because it felt stifling. She wants to get rid of the term. I think she’s feeling better and now needs to learn how to be well within the context of having an illness. This question of how to be well while being ill has become a recent preoccupation. I wonder what your thoughts are.

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    1. A friend who was a playwright who had an apartment full of props took
      that snapshot.

      I slipped into an oversized Superman costume and slapped on a pair of nebbish
      glasses gave a dramatic reading of ‘Spurt of Blood’ by Antonin Artaud.

      I should add that a certain amount of medical marijuana was involved. 🙂

      We were bouncing around different ideas and I came up with a character called
      Our Dark Romantic Hero; he’s the central character in a series of teleplays.

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