PIMPOTUS – Trump Models and Russia’s Human Traffickers

Update: There is some controversy over this report. It may be a hoax.  Here is a link to the Guardian Story. In her defense, Mensch is usually right.

I’ll continue to update this as necessary.

from Louise Mensch


Sources with links to the intelligence community report that Donald Trump is being investigated for trafficking underage girls into the United States for sexual abuse, under the guise of his shell modeling company, Trump Models.

These sources report that Trump is linked to a Russian-based human trafficking enterprise, where girls and women were kidnapped into sexual slavery. This includes underage girls and minors.

The human trafficking arrests made recently in Europe, and several human trafficking cases in the United States, are linked to the same paedophile ring, these sources say.

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Furthermore, the sex trafficking of girls and underage children is linked to the Russian government via the same internet data that links Hostkey, the Russian hackers of the…

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