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We Have Seen too Much

We have seen the elderly weep
on our streets

and children near death from

We have seen a Mother’s touch kill

and babies who are beaten when
they cry.

Rob Goldstein 2016 All Rights Reserved

16 thoughts on “We Have Seen too Much

    1. I live in San Francisco and see these sights every day. I wonder if my fellow San Franciscans question the damage these sights inflict on the soul. Thank you for reading the poem and leaving the comment. I have a better understanding of the poem because of it.

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    1. Thank you Keith. The condition of the sick and disabled in San Francisco is worse. I see people in their 70’s sleeping under trash. What the Hell is wrong with the American people? How can a city like San Fransisco not know how wrong this is?


      1. Rob, sadly we have too many believe that these folks are not worthy of helping. They have painted with a broad brush the actions of a very small few. It is a constant uphill battle when I advocate for homeless families – it astonishes folks that these families have multiple jobs and are homeless. Keith

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      2. One of the big lies is that dismantling the New Deal dismantled the governments ability to fund access to real wealth. Most people live on maxed out credit cards; they don’t understand that having credit is not the same as having wealth. So our standard of living has declined to the extent that people have to have two jobs just to survive in homelessness.

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      3. Rob, before the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, which has been a huge success, Elizabeth Warren was speaking with banks about helping people really deal with their credit problems. The business of consolidating debt is sometimes better for the banks as a result. The bank executives asked her to leave as that was a way they made money.

        Republicans leaders don’t like the CFPB, but when it is explained to voters, they like it. Keith

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      4. Americans support many of the ‘regulations’ disliked by today’s GOP once they realize how the regulation improves their lives. I don’t know what these people who call themselves republicans really are; they aren’t the leaders who worked with democrats to make the US The most respected Nation in the World. They are certainly not the Republicans who worked with Democrats to make the US one of the most prosperous and respected Nation’s in the World. Today’s corrupt republicans don’t even rise to the corrupt standards of Newt Gingrich in 1992. They’re not conservative or and they seem to lack a basic sense of decency. The only reference point I have for those who support and enable Trump are the Wallace Dixiecrats. But even they wouldn’t have sold us out to Russia to support their pathetic need to
        feel genetically superior.


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