Screen shot of an excessive heat warning in San Francisco at 9 PM Saturday Night

Heat Wave

The last things I do as a San Franciscan is check the weather.

I go out ready for all seasons; most San Franciscans
I know carry backpacks.

Friday morning, ready for autumn, winter and spring,
I took a circuitous 3-mile hike to see my therapist.

I arrived for the 12:30 session drenched in sweat.

I later learned I’d taken that hike as the temperature climbed
to 106 degrees.

By the time I got home, I had a throbbing headache and was sick.

It was almost worse in the apartment and the temperature didn’t
drop by much overnight.

At midnight, the temperature was still 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

“If the temperature remains elevated overnight, that’s when we see
the increase in deaths. The body becomes overwhelmed because it
doesn’t get the respite that it needs.” The Scientific American.

This was Saturday’s nights alert:

Screen shot of an excessive heat warning in San Francisco at 9 PM Saturday Night
September 2nd Excessive Heat Warning – 6 PM

I spent most of Saturday cooling down under frequent showers
and watching the recent season of MST3K on Netflix or going
off on anti-trump twitter rants, which seem to require less energy
than blogging.

By ten pm, the temperature dropped and I was able to sleep.

This morning the headache is gone and I can think and work.

If you’re in a heat wave avoid 3-mile hikes.

Here are some tips from the CDC:

CDC Guidelines for self care in a Heatwave
Take Care of yourself in a Heat Wave

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CDC info-graphic from Multomah County


36 thoughts on “Heat Wave

  1. I can’t cope in heat and suffered so much when I lived in Georgia. I’m glad to say our summer in Indy has been mild. Today was steamy, but tomorrow we head back into mild temps and good sleepin weather. I’m so glad you made it through your hot, rough day.

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      1. I checked this morning and Irma is a category five and still picking up power. You know, I genuinely hate to say this, but what we’re seeing today was predicted by scientists in the 70’s. I feel like I live on Krypton.

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      2. I hope they stay safe. The last report I saw said that Irma may become the most powerful storm in history. And just to make sure that no one doubts that America is dying from stupidity some idiot left a comment that the ‘Fake media is hysterical.’

        So, take that reality!

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      3. My mother’s planning to head out tomorrow. I had to talk her into it, really. I’d tell you more, but not here.
        No word from errant daughter as to what her plans are.

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  2. Holy Hannah. That’s even hotter than I knew. You must have felt like you stepped into a super heated episode of the Twilight Zone… I don’t handle the heat well at all. I don’t sweat like I’m supposed to, so my body can’t cool itself properly. I can imagine how horrible you felt.
    I see it’s cooled down now. Hopefully it gets back to normal quickly — and stays there. Hugs.

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    1. I didn’t feel it until I got home.

      I felt like I was dying; and maybe I was.

      I’m so out of touch with my body that I can walk around in 106 degrees and not know why I’m about to faint.

      I don’t know if that’s me being stupid or me being dissociation. Probably a bit of both.

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      1. Hey… don’t say my friend is stupid. 😉 You apparently have a high capacity to tolerate physical stress or simply ignore pain/discomfort. I know I get stress-induced bad lower back pain. I try to push through it (after all, it’s only pain)… not realizing that because of the pain I’m hardly breathing. Then I nearly faint, from not breathing enough. Duh!
        You’ve mentioned agoraphobia, which I have hugely. So for me, with home as the objective — I would have pushed through anything. Hugs.

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  3. It has been unusually hot here in Portland, too, and we’ve had very bad air quality because of the wildfire smoke. I don’t like this “new normal” for the weather….

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  4. As someone who has endured non-stop rain and a big drop in temperature in Scotland today I have to admit to being slightly envious of your heatwave. Stay cool 🙂

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  5. Where I live ( also NorCal ) the temp yesterday was 113 F, 93 inside the house and our AC conked out. Its been 100 F and over since June over here. 95 F to 100 F is such a relief.

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