It’s Time to Re-Boot the Blog

Art by Rob Goldstein turns 4 this coming October.

I’ve decided to revamp the blog, clear out debris, and simplify
the menu.

It’s also time for me to upgrade my hardware and software.

So,Β  I am taking a break for the next week or two to install the
upgrades and learn a few new programs.

Thank you to everyone who reads my blog.

If you have any suggestions please feel free to leave them
in the comments section.

I’ll be catching up on blog visits during this break.


Rob Goldstein

24 thoughts on “It’s Time to Re-Boot the Blog

  1. Have fun. I think taking a break to do it is a great idea. I’m still too chicken to revamp my blog. I’m afraid it will fall apart and I won’t be able to fix it! Good luck to you, Robert. πŸ™‚

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    1. You have a beautiful blog! It’s easy to navigate and always interesting. When I first started this blog I said that it would change as I did.

      I’m less fragmented which means that I am functioning more efficiently.

      I want this blog to reflect that because it’s a big win. πŸ™‚

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      1. Fabulous! I wasn’t familiar with them. Hypnotic, love the beat.
        Have fun designing. I always find my way around your blog easily.
        I admit the dark background and light font is hard on my eyes if I stay very long. But that’s just my blind-as-a-bat problem. It looks very attractive. That you enjoy the decor of your online home is the most important thing. My blog is my sanctuary. I’m sure yours is for you too.

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      2. Hi Rob. The contrast is fine. I don’t know how to describe the effect of a dark background on my vision…
        It’s no big deal for short bursts. But I admit it wears out my eyes if I try to read a full page.
        I had a related conversation recently with a coworker who is color blind when I unknowingly asked him his thoughts for the color of my next book cover.
        The white on dark sort of glares, but the more comfortable aqua on dark is harder to make out, if that makes any sense.
        Still — it is your blog. I hope you’ll do what pleases your senses. Off to Mordor now. Hugs.

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      3. I’m researching the question of readability and color/font combinations. Thanks to everyone for your comments and suggestions. I’m working on two machines right now. I can’t figure out how to reply to comments in the other client interface. It’s probably located in an obvious yet obscure drop down tab

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