taking a knee

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It’s become popular among some Republicans to claim Comrade Trump isn’t really a Republican at all. They act like he’s some sort of chimera — a semi-mystical, implausible synthesis of disparate bits of different animals. Part liberal, part conservative, part patriot, part iconoclast, part traditional, part unconventional, part who the fuck knows. A new type of politician, they say.

Bullshit. Trump is the distillation of everything the Republican party has become in the last couple of decades. He’s selfish, self-centered, cruel, mean-spirited, fearful of anything different, completely unscrupulous, alienated from reality, dismissive of science, contemptuous of facts, mercenary, fundamentally dishonest, sneering, arrogant, judgmental, and too privileged to give a shit about anybody or anything that isn’t useful to him.

In brief, Trump is an asshole. Over the last couple of decades the Republican party has gradually shed any semblance of a conservative philosophy of governance and replaced it with being…

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8 thoughts on “taking a knee

  1. I will say this if you’ve ever choke on your food when eating,that’s how it feel when I watch him,after the weekend when he profess his insanity about athletes not allow to express,I just pray that the people on the other can’t really guide a missile like they say they can

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    1. The daily agony of waking up with the Mother of all malignant narcissists as POTUS is affecting my mental health. Trump is CLEARLY unfit to be President and is by evidence a pathological liar.

      Those who have the power to stop him do nothing.


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