22 thoughts on “Here Comes My Girl

  1. He came from my town here in FLorida. Grew up with him and then went to school (not comparing) with and friends with the singers in Sister Hazel. Don’t know if you know of them. We’ve got some great artist coming out of Florida ! But what a loss to lose them.

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      1. At the time I was dating a guy/ living with a guy/ who had a recording studio in his garage. They would come over and harmonize and sing together. It was a real joy to be able to watch such amazing artists. If you do a youtube search for Britton Cameron title Put a Face on me. That is who I lived with. He is a writer and singer in nashville now. Very good memories from that time. Always good to have good memories.

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      2. That’s exciting! I published a few books of poetry and I have been working on a book but then I changed my mind on it and didn’t like the outline and the intention. It was too all over the place. So I am starting again. From where, I have not yet decided.
        Really looking forward to your book!

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