13 thoughts on “The Dali on Valencia Street

  1. I love the new site, are you still tweeting or if your masterpiece? Very clean. The artwork on this post is great would you reblog to Survivors? Once I complete the war I’m in with WP, I’ll talk about the reblog. Their CS is shit but they know people have so many options. I can’t pack and go. I also read in an old comment of your that likes on the Reader don’t count? Is that still true or do you know?

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      1. SEO=Search Engine Optimization which involves giving providing data that help Google and other search engines to determine a blog’s rank in response to certain set of queries. For instance if I type ‘Rob Goldstein Art’ into Google’s search engine I’m at the top of the page but if I type in ‘Rob Goldstein’ I have to wade through pages of shrinks and lawyers to find Art by Rob Goldstein. SEO is boring because it is mostly data entry but it is good to do and why I am still on a semi-break. I can’t write and do data entry at the same time. 🙂 I’m glad your husband likes the interview.

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