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7 Limits to Set With A Malignant Narcissist Before You Go No Contact

Set these 7 limits with a narc before you go no contact, but only if you
feel confident and want to leave room to salvage the relationship.

1. I will not tolerate of your lies.

2. I will not pretend that you don’t lie to me.

3. I will not pretend that it’s acceptable for you
to treat me as if I’m blind and stupid.

4. I  will not let you play gaslight with me.

5. I will not let Your pathology damage my health.

6. I will not be friends with someone who can’t apologize.

7. You will stop lying to me and about me.

Don’t expect the narc to be nice about this.

Narcs react to limit setting as if they’ve been shot.

That’s it.

Then go no contact until you get an apology.

One last thing: don’t expect an apology.

Infographic that details the traits of women who are pathological narcissists
Traits of a female Narcissist






6 thoughts on “7 Limits to Set With A Malignant Narcissist Before You Go No Contact

  1. I wonder if it’s ever worth trying to salvage a relationship with someone who’s truly narcissistic? I know that might sound harsh, but it seems like trying to do so would just expose oneself to further abuse.

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  2. I think those last things also apply to the narcissist man.
    Today would have been our 42nd anniversary. Praise the Lord and pass the biscuits! I got rid of that maggot…although I did have to spend time with him yesterday.
    I had to laugh when he said “I don’t trust you”…because I finally stood up and roared. Interesting comment coming from one of the most prolific liars who has ever taken up space. LOL

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    1. The primary difference between the male and the female narcissist is the way men and women as socialized. From personal experience, the female is expert at making the male look like the perp.


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