Portrait of a female avatar in highly saturated RGB to illustrate Felicity has an Anxiety Attack

Felicity has an Anxiety Attack

Roger is asleep and Felicity is alone with her thoughts.

This is dangerous for a girl like Felicity.

Questions of identity start bringing her down.

One question leads to another until suddenly nothing
is real.

She lit a cigarette, took a long drag, and tossed her hair
before expelling the smoke.

Is she a good American?

She’s never caused pain without permission;

She’s never killed anyone.  (That guy at Club Uranus was merely stunned.)

Felicity took drag on her cigarette and examined the sleeping Roger:
the corpse like way his mouth falls open when he sleeps.

Her stomach flips and the cigarette makes her sick.

She stubs it out and creeps into bed.

She curls up next to Roger and brings her thumb to her mouth.

These questions of identity are bringing her down;

Is she a good American.

Is she cruel enough?


(c) Rob Goldstein 1992-2017 All Rights Reserved

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