A section of a mural on South Van Ness Street in San Francisco. The section shows hands raised to protect a young Mexican woman from being shot the military. I call the photo 'Por Favor'

Disinformation and Democracy: Fighting for Facts

This video is from the National Democratic Institute, founded in 1983 to promote Democracy and Human Rights.

With Russia using information as a weapon, the people of democratic nations need to learn how to protect themselves.

“The weaponization of social media is a global challenge, both during and between elections. Emerging democracies have often been used to “weapons test” new approaches to computational propaganda and disinformation, and the work being done to counter it is critical to the future of democracy. NDI is proud to recognize these three organizations that have demonstrated a deep and abiding commitment to democracy and human rights through their efforts to combat this global threat of disinformation.”

National Democratic Institute


An  info graphic found on twitter that illustrates strategies for verifying the truthfulness of a news story
Is it true?

8 thoughts on “Disinformation and Democracy: Fighting for Facts

  1. I read somewhere that some FBI leader once said in the 50s that the Bureau would have accomplished its mission once people would never be able to figure out if the information they’re getting from the medias is true. Well congrats!! Mission accomplished!! You know I post a lot of things from the 60s and times when people really wanted to change the way things were going. Well I really think it’s time for us to try and change things again. The FBI and The CIA and other governement agencies have leraned a lot from the 60s and I really do believe that we most definitely could learn a thing or two from this era too, avoiding to repeat the same mistakes but learning from what worked, because some of it worked, we just stopped trying after a while. I know for sure lots of people think it’s too late and that we are never going to be able to beat the system. Well if your goial is to beat the system, of course we can’t because there will always be a system. I do believe we can change a lot of things in the way it works though and we really need to put our differences aside and stop being so greedy and selfish, that’s the main thing and one thing we can learn from what took place during the 60s. Plus we have to have FAITH. Sorry for the long comment but this is something that really concerns me. Thank you for posting this!!! People just don’t know who to trust anymore so they just chose to trust nobody. God we have ways to reach anyone, anywere in the world!! You just have to reamain lucid and curious at all times about certain subjects. WE WON’T GET FOOLED AGAIN!


    1. A can’t verify that quote though I have seen it used on right wing media. I am not naive about my government which is why I lavishly use my right to advocate. Not getting fooled again means checking and double checking the information we get. If I can’t find a story or quote on multiple outlets across a spectrum of religious and political views I don’t consider it legit.

      You’d be surprised at the number of Conservatives who don’t know that in 1800’s Abraham Lincolns Republican Party was the liberal party.

      What’s killing us is emotionally charged ignorance.

      It’s good that you care and have passion. I’m glad you left a comment.

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  2. Good posts, facts are often hard to come by…even the same facts may change from day to day and my fact may well not be your fact!! Facts…they cause a lot to controversy!

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