A black and white screenshot of avatars staged to represent a child alternate named Peter and protector alternate named Bobby.

Peter – Morning with the Captain

Warning: The content may be triggering

When Mother turns on the television, Peter sits tensely
with his tiny hands clenched tightly into fists.

Mother says slouching is bad and boys that slouch must
be punished.

The Captain lectures Mr. Bunny Rabbit for stealing carrots.

Peter wonders why the Captain doesn’t burn Mr. Bunny
Rabbit’s arms.

Stealing is bad.

A bunny rabbit that steals must be punished.

Lions stalk the plains of Africa.

They roar and eat up the deer.

When they finish eating they stretch out their claws
and shake out their bloody manes.

Jim, the man on TV says; if a deer is too young and too weak,
it ends up as food.

Then he says, “As a mother lion protects her cubs, you can protect
your kids with insurance from Mutual of Omaha.”

Suddenly, Peter’s heart speeds up; he cocks his head and listens:

Mother’s in the kitchen boiling water.

Peter must sit very still and be extra quiet.

Mother says squirming and being loud is bad.

Loud little boys that squirm must be punished.

A black and white screenshot of avatars staged to represent a child alternate named Peter and protector alternate named Bobby.
A screenshot of avatars staged to represent a child alternate named Peter and a protector alternate named Bobby. Please click the link for more about my alternates and their function.

(C) Rob Goldstein 2017 All Rights Reserved

The stuffed bear in the photo was made by Second Life artist, AM Radio








18 thoughts on “Peter – Morning with the Captain

      1. Well…..my daughter wanted to boycott Thanksgiving as she said she felt like it was a hoax to honor the slaughter of American Indians!
        And we are thankful and have gratitude every day for what we have so we don’t really NEED a day for that but I get the idea of why people get together and celebrate in fact we did for most of my life. After mine and my daughter’s health decline we try and find little bits of joy where we can.
        My husband did make a turkey and some sweet potatoes. My daughter is vegan so she ate the sweet potatoes and we watched the sun set and called it a day!!!!
        We live in Florida in the states yes.
        Thank you for the well wishes.
        Hoping you had a good day too

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      2. I understand your daughter’s POV but I focus on the idea that the Native Americans who gave aide to the Pilgrims did the moral thing. For me Thanksgiving celebrates a moment of compassion, one of those moments that make us truly human. Sometimes a strictly political point of view can narrow our field of vision.

        I say that we promote the kind of government that rectifies the wrongs of the past by using our wealth to create a better standard of living for all of us; and by making set asides for the descendants of those who were abused.

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    1. I was explaining the difference between Roy Moore and Al Franken to a Russian twitter troll playing a sleazy game of ‘whatbpoutism’.
      There is no similarity between a breach of social etiquette and the evil of pedophilia.
      A woman can forgive Al Franken
      for being a boor and be done with it. What Moore did and continues to do do is unforgivable.

      Liked by 2 people

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