Digital painting of hands based on a mural in San Francisco's Missiona district, processed in pinks.

Peter: You Look Like an Angel

Trigger warning: this poem is about the sexual abuse of a child.

Hands lurk in the walls they

wait till Peter’s asleep then
jump him and strip him


They say he looks like an angel
these hands that stroke his skin,
his hair, make his dick tingle:
get hard, these hands, they
say the Angel Gabriel’s dick

gets hard


Peter closes his eyes and cries with
the other angels:

all of them naked and erect and waiting
for God to stop touching them.

Virtual Reality photograph of a child avatar sitting in an oversized chair with blood on his pajamas and a bruised eye with the caption Child Abuse Lasts Forever
Regarding Roy Moore

(c) Rob Goldstein 2017 All Rights Reserved

6 thoughts on “Peter: You Look Like an Angel

    1. Why do the victims wait 40 or fifty years to speak out? Many of us don’t live long enough to comprehend what happened. A sexual predator in the White House and the sight and sound of a vicious pedophile smearing his victims is the ultimate trigger.

      Some mornings I wake up and it takes me awhile to figure out that I’m not in Charleston.


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