24 thoughts on “A Thought from San Francisco – November 23, 2017

      1. Thanks Robert! I’ve been obscenely busy lately. Hopefully things will slow down after Christmas, and I’ll be able to catch everyone up on what I’ve been doing. For now I just need to get through this semester.

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      2. Awesome, I look forward to reading the award post when you finish it! I sometimes enjoy being busy, depending on which activities are occupying my time. I don’t get the slightest shred of enjoyment from my current obligations, so I’m not finding this phase of busyness to be very fulfilling.

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    1. It doesn’t make sense; Trump supporters have turned their perceptions of reality over to a man who only despises and abuses them. It’s as if the entire nation is taken hostage by a small group of aggressive enablers who were raised by drunken narcissists. Trump voters seem to think that ‘seeing’ the evidence of Trump’s treason and corruption is not their right or responsibility as adults.


      1. Join the crowd lol, had my share of misunderstandings. Like right now I have no clue what you are talking about but smiling 🙂

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